Stress and hair loss

Recent studies have shown that one of the man’s biggest enemies is stress. Physical and emotional pressure has a direct impact on our mental abilities and our organs at the same time. For example, intense periods of stress lead to an actual decrease in the size of your brain, making you more susceptible to mental disorders and illnesses.

Another issue directly related to stress is hair loss. There are several medical conditions triggered by stress that lead to hair loss. Most of them refer to the threads on your head, but some rare ailments are known to affect other areas of your body as well. Regardless of the place where your hair stops growing, it is important to identify the cause as soon as possible. For modern people stress is the no.1 enemy of hair growth and the primary catalyst of baldness.

How stress affects hair growth

More and more people are faced with thinning hair and large patches of baldness on their heads because of emotional pressure. This negative process takes place as a result of the hair follicles that lose the battle with external or internal pressure. As these small scalp cells start to die, your hairline retreats further and further from your forehead. Without proper medical attention, this adverse condition leads to complete and sometimes permanent baldness.

How to prevent hair loss

To avoid the loss of your luscious mane, you need to make a few changes regarding your lifestyle. First of all, try to pinpoint the exact cause of mental or physical pressure that is bothering you. It might be your new job, your old boss, your family or some repressed memory. No matter what your reason for constant worry is, you have to identify it and remove it from your life as soon as possible.

Treat Baldness with natural solutions

The battle with hair loss does not end with the removal of the stress stimulants in your life. There are a few steps left to improve your condition and bring your hair follicles back to life. One of them is to consume natural products more often and to exercise more. These two changes will increase your metabolism and force your cells to work properly. Next, use organic products for hair regrowth that have been clinically tested. Ointments, shampoos, and pills can all prove their efficiency in this situation and help you grow back your crowning glory.

Is stress-related alopecia hereditary?

Hair loss is a combination of genetic heritage, hormone imbalances, and aging. If you come from a long line of bald family members, there is a good chance that you will lose your hair in the same manner even if you live a carefree life. There is no scientific study to support that stress-related alopecia can be transferred from a parent to the child. Therefore, if you are losing your mane and all your ancestors were proud bearers of thick hair, you should look for stress factors in your life. The sooner you take action against this medical condition the faster you will be able to cure it.